Brin has been kicking around on the self-published scene for almost 25 years, first appearing in Something Bizarre back in 1993.

I’d been on a comic drawing evening class back in 1990 and I learned a lot about cartooning and met my best friend Matt there. The course ran for a couple of years but was cancelled due to low numbers so being at a loose end me and Matt both decided to create and print our own comic.

With absolutely no experience of putting a comic together and no idea what to put in it we both muddled along drawing, discarding and redrawing pages of whatever took our fancy (there were a lot of movie parodies).

Matt had the hardest job as he produced a series of one-off pages. I had decided to create one long story so only needed one idea…which was Brin.

With absolutely no experience of creating a comic I wrote, drew and lettered my mini masterpiece. It took nine months and was a bit of a mess. I had a steep learning curve and most pages were redrawn twice, some three times! But we got there in the end…

The final result was a proper cut and paste effort and at the time I was very proud. Seeing the boxes of copies we had printed was an exciting moment!

Something Bizarre cover

The colour cover was achieved by placing a sheet of clear plastic over the black & white artwork and carefully cutting out a green vinyl to stick on it. This was then photographed and turned into film for the printing. It didn’t quite line up on all the copies printed (of which there were 1,000 of them), but as we barely sold/gave away 100, we could afford to pick and choose!

We only did one issue but I got the comic bug and really wanted to explore Brin’s world some more. Which I did. All the old issues are archived on comicvine – which is a fantastic website and a great place to revisit old comics.

Over the years, Brin’s adventures have been restarted, depending on my artistic style of the time and also how happy I was with the story (sometimes I’d just want to start again).

Not being a fan of reboots (it’s the reason I hardly read any comics these days), let’s think of these as alternative reality versions. Who knows? Maybe they’ll all cross-over at some point!

So here we are with ‘Brin Prime’ if you will. This latest series was started back in 2012, had a short hiatus of three years, then came back on my radar recently when I once again picked up my pencil and started scribbling.

I really hope you enjoy reading my comic, let me know what you think through the contact header.